Entertaining Chemistry: How to get children excited about science and improve their knowledge

The parents of my students often ask me how to make children more interested in learning. Till recently I myself didn’t know the exact answer to this question. Not until I started to use something new at my lessons, something that would delight my students and drastically improve their knowledge.

I knew that formulas and the periodic table are of no interest to today’s youth. You should replace useless games on the smartphone by useful educative games in the classroom. That’s what we discussed using at the recent meeting of teachers and we also shared our experiences. One of them gave a report about a new method which he used during his lessons.

MEL Chemistry is a unique chemical experiment set that demonstrates how chemistry works in everyday life. They are sold on the official website of the manufacturer and I ordered two sets at once the same evening.


Soon I received these sets. 
The first set is called Chemistry of Drinks.

At first I did an experiment myself. The gist of it is that you have to discolour Coke with the help of milk. The taste remains the same but it looks like plain water! It is a simple chemical reaction in acidic environment, but if I demonstrated it to my students in a conventional way, it wouldn’t cause such a furore!

When they came to the classroom I invited them to drink some “water”. You should have seen their eyes when they realized that it was their favourite Coke! I was virtually showered with questions. They decided to do this experiment themselves. For a start we let the gas out of the Cola bottle and then poured Cola into a transparent flask. Then we added to it exactly 5 ml of milk and the show began! Milk clots in the acidic fluid and precipitates. We removed it using a paper filter and with it the caramel colouring was also removed. And it was precisely what coloured Coca-Cola.That’s how the Coke became transparent!

After the lesson the children ran away to play tricks on their friends with a new drink. They said that they wouldn’t tell anybody about our secret. The most important thing for me was that they learned how to transform substances in an acidic environment.

Next time they came to my lesson with an unprecedented enthusiasm. 
After all a new experiment was in store for them

No wonder, they never saw foam on fire! 
We prepared a solution for soap bubbles and prepared everything for obtaining hydrogen. The set contained all the necessary components. Thus the produced hydrogen went to a foam solution via a tube. Hydrogen bubbles do not burst and fill the cup with hydrogen foam.

Then we set fire to the foam and we witnessed a veritable fire show.
Yesterday I spoke with the headmaster and convinced him to order all avaialable mMEL Chemistry sets. Using the example of my class I can say that these sets generate an unprecedented interest towards science and improve their knowledge.
At the last Chemistry Contest, my students took all the prizes!

I would recommend everybody to use MEL Chemistry set at home as well. It will interesting both for children and adults. There are so many experiments you can do there: Iron wool, Chemical jellyfish, Invisible copper and more.

Anyway, practice is always more interesting than theory. Children learn everything much faster and far better when they play. So I can confidently recommend MEL Chemistry for children of primary and middle school age